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Deuce as Turbo.

Deuce was a kid who claims to be "Turbo's Biggest Fan". He made his debut in "A Tale of Two Turbos" and appears again in "Zoo Lander". Aside from the costume, Deuce is really a light blue snail with purple eyes and a brown shell. He appears to have "Buck Teeth".
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I'll keep the spiders away from the tomatoes!

A Tale Of Two TurbosEdit

Deice's debut. Deuce causes a lot of trouble in the city , leading accused faults for Turbo. Soon, Deuce is called to ward off Punk Spiders from the Tomato Grove. Leading only to his fail, Buddy (Turbo's Disguise) was following him to be lucky enough for Deuce to survive. After Turbo defeats the Punk spiders he makes a loud apology out to the city, for everything he said ans did.

Zoo LanderEdit

Deuce was planning to have a practice lap for Turbo. Only, Skidmark and White Shadow are the only ones home, after faking their way out of Chet's Saftey Lecture Event. Skidmark let's Deuce try out an expiremental shell, and inadvertently puts it on Hyper Speed, sending Deuce to the Zoo. Apparently, he befriends the Gorillas, while he's there.